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Need someone to take over two of my packages

I've been off line for several months due to an attack on my email account. My provider has finally instituted some spam protection so my email is usable again, but I am finding that I have absolutely no spare time for
my packages. I need someone to take over the Atari800 package and Seesat5.

Atari800 is a very easy to maintain package. There is new upstream source available, but putting my /debian directory in place of Petr's and updating the changelog is usually all that is necessary to get a working package.

Seesat5 is a package I ported from DOS. There is no upstream other than myself and I have several major enhansements I would like to do on the package, but can not find both the time to maintain the package and the time to work on the changes. I'd love for someone to take over the maintanance of the package so I can work
on it myself.

Please contact me if you are interested in taking these packages.

Waiting is,

aka Dale Scheetz

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