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Re: Fixing the lm-sensors/i2c mess

Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com> writes:

> Christoph Hellwig wrote:
>> Btw, did anyone check whether the lm_sensors 2.8 userspace works with
>> the 2.7 kernel modules?
> Hmm.  Sounds worth trying.... so I should try installing the userland
> 2.8 tools (sensord and libsensors2), and the kernel modules from the
> stock 2.4 kernels?  Wait a sec, though -- isn't that exactly what
> doesn't work?  :-/

I think that's supposed to not work.  (It's already known that mixing
kernel module versions fails miserably.)  It's because of that that I
changed the virtual package name for lm-sensors kernel modules, so if
you try to use a 2.7 kernel module (lm-sensors-mod) you'll still get a
complaint that lm-sensors-mod-2.8 isn't installed.

If somebody feels like trying this out, though, every version of the
lm-sensors package since I took it over (for i386 only) is at
(or, if you have AFS, the obvious AFS path).  s@lm-sensors@i2c@ too,
or you can use the in-kernel i2c modules for some things.  Except that
there's no single kernel version for which I built both lm-sensors 2.7
and 2.8 modules, so something needs to get built from source to try
this in any case.

David Maze         dmaze@debian.org      http://people.debian.org/~dmaze/
"Theoretical politics is interesting.  Politicking should be illegal."
	-- Abra Mitchell

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