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Re: Bug in linux-kernel-headers or in linux-wlan-ng?

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 02:17:47AM +0100, Frederik Dannemare wrote:

sources to that kernel; if it's not a prepackaged kernel but instead one
you compiled yourself, you need to show linux-wlan-ng the toplevel
directory of your kernel sources.

That would be /usr/src/linux in my case (linux point to linux-2.6.1-rc1)

In the case of linux-wlan-ng, you can do that by running "make config"
in the toplevel source directory (or by running the configuration script

But this is in fact taken care of by the use of 'make-kpkg' for building my module deb package. Below is the part of the output which indicates that my kernel source tree has in fact been located at /usr/src/linux.

./Configure -d debian/config

-------------- Linux WLAN Configuration Script -------------

The default responses are correct for most users.

Build Prism2.x PCMCIA Card Services (_cs) driver? (y/n) [y]

Build Prism2 PLX9052 based PCI (_plx) adapter driver? (y/n) [y]

Build Prism2.5 native PCI (_pci) driver? (y/n) [y]

Build Prism2.5 USB (_usb) driver? (y/n) [y]

Linux source directory [/usr/src/linux]

The kernel source tree is version 2.6.1-rc2.
WARNING: the current running kernel is actually version 2.6.1-rc2-frda1.
The current kernel build date is Wed Jan 7 05:37:58 2004.

Alternate target install root directory on host [/usr/src/modules/linux-wlan-ng/debian/tmp]
PCMCIA script directory [/etc/pcmcia]
  Module install directory [/lib/modules/2.6.1-rc2]

It looks like you have a System V init file setup.

Prefix for build host compiler? (rarely needed) []

Build for debugging (see doc/config.debug) (y/n) [n]

Configuration successful.

Frederik Dannemare

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