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Re: Attempted Progress Report: Sarge

Steve Langasek writes:

>> > I think the last *major* toolchain change was the addition of the
>> > linux-kernel-headers package.  TTBOMK, everything since then has
>> > been necessary tweaks.

>> Any gcc update can be major since it tends to break various
>> things. On Dec 29 gcc-3.3 was synced up with cvs again. Luckily I
>> haven't seen any breakage caused by it.

> Wouldn't it be better to give the toolchain maintainers the benefit
> of the doubt that maybe they do know what they're doing, if their
> updates really haven't broken anything?  After all, it /is/ possible
> that they reviewed the CVS changes before syncing.

As Chris already said, one of the uploads was the likely cause for
breakage in the kdemultimedia compile.  kdemultimedia was doing stupid
things, but this is not an excuse.  If something stupid works before a
new gcc upload, it should continue to work after it.  Otherwise, I
don't see the point of a freeze.


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