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Attempted Progress Report: Sarge

  * in good shape on i386
  * work in progress on hppa, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc
  * unlikely to ever have arm, m68k support at this rate
  * s390 unknown

  * Solution proposed to deal with the problems
  * Someone needs to implement it

  * basically ready to go into sarge
  * ecasound2.2, gem, fftw3 need fixes
  * or a few packages will need to be removed

KDE 3:
  * New kdebase needs to be uploaded
  * kdemultimedia 3.1.4 ought to be uploaded
  * maintainers need to behave themselves and not upload anything else

  * abiword needs work
  * planner needs work
  * The rest appears to be a matter of rebuilds only

  * linux-kernel-headers bugs being fixed quite fast.
  * glibc bugs being fixed, not quite as fast

  * In good shape.

C++ transition:
  * In good shape, though I can't tell for sure since
    http://people.debian.org/~willy/ is still down

Upgrade smoothness:
  * Mips needs a smooth kernel upgrade path.

  * Ready to go in

  * Needs #225036 dealt with

X Windows:
  * Current packages basically work.
  * 4.3 pacakges close to being as good
  * Difficult RC bugs remain (all of which existed in woody as well)

RC bugs:
  * Down to 303 for packages in sarge (19 pending, about 69 patched)
  * Mostly on non-key packages

Maintainer Attitudes:
  * Many think that sarge will not release soon, and so are starting to talk
    about uploading new upstream versions of their packages, rather than
    fixing bugs.  This is bad.
  * As this message shows, sarge is actually approaching release; if the
    lm-sensors, KDE, GNOME, and glibc issues were dealt with, sarge could
    probably be released for i386 in about two weeks (by removing remaining
    RC-buggy packages).

  * So get your acts together; a big push could get sarge released within
    a month or two, no problem.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at gcc.gnu.org>

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