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Re: World Domination Plan - phase debtakeover

On Tue, Jan 06, 2004 at 01:23:20PM +0100, David Weinehall wrote:
> Oh, and support for Solaris, AIX (the problem of course being that at
> least AIX 4 JFS != (AIX 5 JFS == OS/2 JFS == Linux JFS),

And although Linux JFS and AIX JFS2 are based on the same codebase the
ondisk format is incompatible (Linux JFS is little endia on disk,
AIX JFS2 is always native endia on disk, so BE for the RS/6000 version
and LE for the never released IA64 version)

> Irix (XFS
> shouldn't be a problem),

XFS v1 directories as used by older IRIX systems aren't working for
Big Endian Linux systems currently..

> HP/UX (dunno what the default file system is),
> etc would be nice too.

HP-UX comes either with a UFS variant (they call it HFS IIRC), that's
support by the Linux UFS driver (as far as you can supported for that
buggy POS..), or VxFS that they call JFS, though.  It's not yet
supported bu the freevxfs driver, but I have a paric box now, so this
might change at one point.

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