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World Domination Plan - phase debtakeover

Hi there,

I've made now publicly available the script[1] I've been working on
to substitute in runtime any distribution to Debian. It does not
convert in the sense of mapping all previous installed packages to
the Debian counterparts, but installs a base system or tarball and
cleans traces from previous distribution, from there you are in a
purified environment. =P

It will backup some important data like /etc, and will not touch
some other like /home. The script was conceived to migrate a colo
that was running RedHat, so it's as less intrusive as it can be,
it does not touch the bootloader nor the kernel, and a reboot is
optional but recommended. It has been tested on RedHat and SuSE.
I'm finishing the Gentoo network setup conversion code.

I consider the current version beta, although I've tested it many
times it may fail in some special situations and corner cases. So
be advised if you are going to try it on a critical production
server. ;>

I'm interested in creating rpms, ebuild and any other distribution
native package, to be able to do something like:

	rpm -i debian-woody.rpm

Patches, suggestions, doubts, comments and success or failure
stories welcome. If there is interest I may move the project to
alioth once it's alive again.


[1] <http://www.hadrons.org/~guillem/debian/debtakeover/>

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