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Re: Controlling what's in the archive (Re: MIA, Incompetent and holiday-loving maintainers)

On 20040106T015818+0200, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> On the other hand, we have many packages such as my liwc[1], which
> rarely changes.
> I suspect that a co-maintainer would have been bored dead for that
> package.

A great reason for me to volunteer :)

Let me take this opportunity to mention that grep-dctrl could use a
backup co-maintainer.  Often during my more intensive teaching
sprees at the university (which come twice a year and last for a month
or two each), I am unable to spend any energy to work on that package,
and its bugs stay open often far too long (I do read my mail and the
reports, though, so I am not MIA during those periods).

(Be warned, though.  Grep-dctrl is one of the two things I've done for
Debian that I am really proud of, and I have an irrational attachment to
it... so I'll probably be very unhappy if a co-maintainer decided to
rewrite it in Perl, for example.)

> On the other hand, I'm perfectly happy with a fairly low NMU threshold,
> especially for such simple packages. Less effort and the same end
> result: if the primary maintainer doesn't do his job, for whatever
> reason, the package gets fixed by someone else.


Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, Debian developer   http://www.iki.fi/gaia/

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