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Re: Re: Request for NMUs.


Nathanael Nerode wrote:
Julien Blache wrote:
>I was going for an NMU of xdrawchem, but g++ chokes on
>xdrawchem/chemdata_rxn.cpp, eating memory until it gets killed...

This is most likely a gcc bug. *sigh*. (These are really hard to track down.) Could you possibly try building it with g++ 3.4 prerelease and see if it still eats up memory? If so, I'm sure GCC upstream will be interested, so I'll try to make a cutdown testcase.

#194345: g++ 3.3 needs to much memory / gets killed by OOM-killer Package: gcc-3.3; Severity: important; Reported by: Rene Engelhard
<rene@debian.org>; Tags: sid, upstream; merged with #194513; 222 days



Unfortunately, most GCC memory explosion bugs are DIFFERENT from each other. What makes you think the xdrawchem one is the same as the openoffice one?

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