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Re: Re: Request for NMUs.

Julien Blache wrote:
I was going for an NMU of xdrawchem, but g++ chokes on
xdrawchem/chemdata_rxn.cpp, eating memory until it gets killed...

This is most likely a gcc bug. *sigh*. (These are really hard to track down.) Could you possibly try building it with g++ 3.4 prerelease and see if it still eats up memory? If so, I'm sure GCC upstream will be interested, so I'll try to make a cutdown testcase.

Unfortunately, if it's fixed in 3.4, GCC upstream probably won't want to worry about it (given the numerous other nasty bugs). If that's the case I'm not quite sure what to do, although getting a cut-down testcase is still worthwhile.

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