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Re: So many packages. So few that I need started at every boot.

On Tue, Dec 30, 2003 at 05:10:25PM +0000, Joerg Sommer wrote:
> An example: Only in runlevel 3 (the default) xdm and aumix

This isn't RedHat. Runlevel 2 is the default, and both xdm and aumix are
started everywhere.

> (or alsa) is
> started. If you leave this runlevel both should be stopped.

That's not how it is implemented:

wouter@worldmusic:/etc$ find rc* -name "*aumix" 

> aumix can save
> the last volume levels and mutes all channels, after this. If you switch
> form runlevel 3 to runlevel 2, aumix saves its settings and mute the
> channels.

That's only if you move an S link to a K one in runlevel 2.

> A second stop-call at shutdown would lead to save the muted
> config.

No, it wouldn't. Test before you make such statements.

> aumix can't decide if it has muted the channels before or if this
> is the last user config.
> I think, init should only stop scripts if they run.

Try to read /etc/init.d/rc once.

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