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Re: So many packages. So few that I need started at every boot.

On Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 07:43:26AM -0800, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> > > Do various things that change the links in /etc/rc.*, I was told.  Uh
> > > huh, lasted until the next upgrade of that package.  It would be
> >
> > Make sure you just delete the start links, not the stop ones. That
> > should last forever. If you delete all they will be regenerated during
> > the next update.
> and then have lame "stopping foo" messages for things that are not running?

They both don't hurt, and help in case of things that should get nicely
stopped after getting started manually. The update-rc.d avoidance looks
like a hack, but in practice it's actually a proper solution.

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