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Re: Bug#225366: ITP: libburn -- Disc burning library

> On Mon, 2003-12-29 at 07:53, José Carlos García Sogo wrote:
>> > Package: wnpp
>> > Severity: wishlist
>> >
>> > Hash: SHA1
>> >
>> >
>> > * Package name    : libburn
>> >  Version         : 0.1
>> >  Upstream Author : Sean Harshbarger <harshy@dersoldat.org>
>>   Are you upstream author?
> One of them


>>   IMHO this description can be improved a bit. Right now I cannot make
>>   a better one, so I won't say anything else :-)
>>   Anyway, the main goal of my email is to note that libburn is in very
>>   early stages, so I don't know how useful is having it in Sid.
>>   Perhaps you should wait until it's a bit more mature, or coaster
>>   uses it (and also package it and upload both together). I'd like to
>>   hear why do you think it's ready now to be uploaded.
>>   If you need some help in order to make the package or when you want
>>   to upload it, you can contact me.
>>   Cheers,
> an ITP dosnt need to be exact as this is just a place holder till the
> package is uploaded.

  Well, description should be the most accurate possible, and if you fill
  in an ITP it means you intends to upload the package soon. Using ITPs
  for only having some packages for you is a bad thing. And for now, it
  seems that libburn is not quite ready, and nobody is using it for any
  program. That's why I asked when you are going to upload it.
 I'm not against you uploading that piece of software. I'm only trying to
 get more info about the package and its status.

José Carlos García Sogo

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