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Re: Bug#225366: ITP: libburn -- Disc burning library

> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Hash: SHA1
> * Package name    : libburn
>  Version         : 0.1
>  Upstream Author : Sean Harshbarger <harshy@dersoldat.org>

  Are you upstream author?

> * URL             : http://icculus.org/burn/
> * License         : (GPL)
>  Description     : Disc burning library
> A common Linux library written to help GUI developers have more control
> and capabilities over the burning of CDs.

  IMHO this description can be improved a bit. Right now I cannot make a
  better one, so I won't say anything else :-)
  Anyway, the main goal of my email is to note that libburn is in very
  early stages, so I don't know how useful is having it in Sid. Perhaps
  you should wait until it's a bit more mature, or coaster uses it (and
  also package it and upload both together). I'd like to hear why do you
  think it's ready now to be uploaded.
  If you need some help in order to make the package or when you want to
  upload it, you can contact me.

José Carlos García Sogo

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