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Re: dpkg-sig: sign binary debian archive files

The two methods are orthogonal, and serve different purposes, for
different audiences.

Signing in APT (signed Release files):
  -  Complete trust path in a "distribution" sense.  It signs packages
     as a group, so you -know- that a package:
       1. Belongs to a certain distribution (e.g. 3.1r2, or security)
       2. Has not been tampered with. 

Signing in dpkg (dpkg-sig):
  -  Trust path for a package only, so that you -know- that a package:
       1. Has gone through a certain way till it reached your hands
          (different signatures, e.g.: developer, katie, release?)
       2. Has not been tampered with.

dpkg-sig is _very_ interesting for those of us who want to know where
a package went, and when.  It is very difficult to track this only using
Release files, especially as the time passes.

OTOH, apt-secure allows one to know he is not being "mislead" at using an
untampered-with package with a known security bug instead of the fixed
version that should have been shipped to him.

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