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dput, ftp-master, and dinstall

The Debian Package Upload Tool (dput) has a very nice feature to make a
dry run of dinstall after a package has been uploaded (--dinstall).  I
don't know exactly how dinstall works, but I assume that it can only be
run on ftp-master (auric).  Am I right?

After the Great Debian Robbery, it seems that mere-mortal developers
cannot log into ftp-master and that this is not going to change in the
near future [1].  So this means that one cannot use "dput --dinstall

Is there any way to use "dput --dinstall" or similar to make sure that
one's upload will be a-ok?

                                                    Jens Peter Secher
_DD6A 05B0 174E BFB2 D4D9 B52E 0EE5 978A FE63 E8A1 jpsecher get2net dk_

[1] http://lists.debian.org/
    and various discussions on debian-devel.

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