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Re: Bug#224742 acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#224742: Related to this issue...)

* Henning Makholm 

| Quite right - nothing at all compels him to do anything at all to
| *implement* the request. He seems to also want the power to prevent
| people from at all voicing requests he does not like. That is *not*
| fair. It is hiding problems.

The BTS is not a dumping ground for random wishlist request.  If
upstream says «No, I will not implement this», then closing the
wishlist request is just fine.  The only reasons for leaving wontfix +
wishlist requests open are if upstream doesn't want to implement it
himself (not the case here) or upstream will refuse a patch.

Why leave it open?  It's clutter and aj has said «I don't want this».
On the grounds of this, I think closing a wishlist request which won't
be implemented is just fine.

| > Playing the «reopen the bug in the BTS» game is just silly
| Why isn't the "close bugs to repress requests that I don't like" game
| just as silly?

Because wishlist requests in the BTS are the domain of the maintainer,
not the user.  It's the maintainer who has to wade through the list of
wontfix bugs, not the user.  It's normal tidyness.

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