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Re: Bug#224742 acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#224742: Related to this issue...)

Hi, Enrico Zini wrote:

> Ok.  Since it seems there is no way to solve this issue between us, I
> guess we'll have to ask in debian-devel if this bug should stay open or
> not.  :(

For the record (and so that not everybody needs to parse that log),
ifupdown is (in Enrico's opinion) somewhat restrictive WRT the syntax it
expects in its configuration file, and AJ seems to think that
closing the bug is better than tagging it "wontfix".

My opinion: Given that the things Enrico wants to do can be done without
changing the syntax, yeah, it's not a capital-B bug.

OTOH, given that the behavior reported is somewhat counter-intuitive, yet
isn't documented in interfaces(5) nor /usr/share/doc/ifupdown/**, I
think that simply closing the bug isn't the Right Thing to do either.

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