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Re: mass-auto-installing-testing Debian packages using pbuilder

Le sam 20/12/2003 à 14:59, Blars Blarson a écrit :
> You probably need to add all the packages that use ucf as well.  See
> bug 194152 and all those merged with it for why /dev/tty needs to be
> hardcoded in to packages using both debconf and ucf.
> I tried to work aound this in hinfo's postinst, but /dev/tty still
> seems to be needed when reconfiguring.
> I think fixing this debconf bug should be a prerequsite to any mass
> bug filing.

BTW, you can work around it using "exec 0<&1" after db_stop. It will
still work even when /dev/tty doesn't exist - well, there'll probably be
corner cases where it still fails, but this doesn't include buildd's.
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