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Re: Proposed change to debian release system

>> I'd like for certain packages to be classed as "perishable", i.e. they
>> become more or less useless with age. How packages should be classsed as
>> such, I'm not 100% sure on yet (-devel+maintainer+SRM consenus,
>> perhaps?),
>> but to provide some examples:
>> 	* spamassassin
>> 	* snort
>> could be considered perishable because their effectiveness is reduced
>> over
>> time. Such classed packages should be allowed to be updated in stable, I
>> feel.
One problem with updating spamassassin (for example):
Their are usually signifigant changes is Spamassassin from release to
release. So doing an upgrade for most versions of Spamassassin is non
automatic, as the scoring changes, and default behavior changes.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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