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Re: mass-auto-installing-testing Debian packages using pbuilder

> > Something I really would like to see is automated upgrading test
> > from woody to sarge.
> It would be even better if we could first agree about the meaning and
> expected behaviour of "apt-get upgrade".
> Unfortunately, not everybody consider that "apt-get upgrade" means
> "do what I say" in the good old Unix tradition.
> See how flex refuses to be upgraded by default, for example.

But whatever it is, it would be better to get some grasp of reality, and 
find out what is regressing.
We could probably find out about what would be our 'apt-get upgrade' 
and how we can fix it.

It's rather difficult to know the fix before knowing what is broken.

With pbuilder, it's just 

pbuilder-user-mode-linux create --distribution woody 
pbuilder-user-mode-linux login 

and off you go doing apt-get dist-upgrade to another distribution.

You should be able to do 'execute' script to automate, and 
find regressions.

I lack the hardware resource to perform all tests; most
tests testing the whole Debian distribution take more than one month
using standard standalone PC hardware; so some help would 
really be appreciated.


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