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Re: GNU within the name (Was: Changes in formal naming for NetBSD porting effort(s))

On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 11:59:10PM +0000, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> [I am not subscribed to debian-bsd, please Cc: me if you feel your reply
> deserves my attention.]
> On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 15:51, Joel Baker wrote:
> > "GNU represents the Gnu system, running with a native (Hurd) kernel"
> > 
> > "GNU/Linux is the Gnu system, using Linux as a kernel"
> > 
> > What isn't entirely clear to me, here, is just how much composes "the Gnu
> > system". It seems fairly clear to me that Robert Millan's work (which is
> > Debian's normal core userland, GNU-based, plus GNU libc) is more or less
> > identical to Debian's normal situation, but with a NetBSD kernel instead
> > of Linux. Therefore, I'm fairly certain it could be called "GNU/NetBSD"
> > (or, to make the NetBSD folks happier, "GNU/KNetBSD") and be precisely as
> > accurate as "GNU/Linux".
> > 
> No, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
> If GNU (or GNU/Hurd) is the GNU system with the Hurd as the kernel;
> And GNU/Linux is the GNU system with Linux as the kernel;
> Then GNU/NetBSD is the GNU system with the NetBSD kernel.

RMS / FSF / GNU ask for the GNU prefix (where they consider it appropriate)

*NetBSD* is asking for it to be 'KNetBSD' rather than just 'NetBSD',
because the latter, in their view (and theirs is the view one should
respect, given they created it) is the full OS, not just the kernel. This
is not the same as Linux, obviously.

> No 'K' is required there, in fact advocating a 'K' is specifically in
> contradiction to what we're being asked to do by placing "GNU/" on the
> front in the first place.
> If it's GNU/KNetBSD then it should also be GNU/KLinux and GNU/KHurd.

Only if Linux asked us to make it KLinux, and I *really* doubt that RMS
wants it KHurd, since it's just 'GNU', with no kernel specification,
formally (Hurd is the declared default assumption of kernel for the GNU
system, or so I have been told).

The rest of the post makes little sense, given this clarification, so I'm
not going to try to address it.
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