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Re: The term "Custom Debian Distribution" (Was Re: [custom] The term "flavor" and encouraging work on Debian)

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, cobaco wrote:

> hm, here are the names I can remember:
> Petter , me, (Kurt Gramlich, Maximillian Wilhelm, Frank Matthieß -> not on
> devel as far as I know) from Skolelinux
> Mako, Enrico who organized the meeting
> David Martinez (I think), and one or two others from Meta-distros.
> about half a dozen others whose names I don't recall
I'm sorry that I was not able to enter this meeting because I was not
yet in Oslo.  Benjamin 'Mako' Hill and Enrico Zini told me about the meeting
and explained me the term in this way I presented in my talk.

> > > I want to collect knowledge and pieces of text from all who have some
> > > experience with subprojects, and work that material into the HOWTO. I
> > > will contact some subproject people shortly to get their input. Any
> > > pointers will be appreciated.
> For Skolelinux there's a contact page with the names of the coordinators for
> the different languages (14 now :) at http://i18n.skolelinux.no/kontakt.html
Please see my previous mail and try to accept that while absolutely incomplete
the common entry point for CDDs is:


under the topic "Projects".  The reason for inventing the term CDD was not
to make more confusion by merging projects outside Debian in but to differentiate
user centric projects like Debian-Jr from for instance "The X Strike Force" or
"Debian IPv6 Project".  I'm very sorry that this is absolutely not reflected
in the page but you will find the relevant people caring for those projects
when following the relevant links.  Most of these CDDs have their own mailing list
but currently there is no common mailing list for all CDDs.  Instead we use
debian-devel by tagging the subject [custom].

[BTW, declaring that SkoleLinux as "no CDD" I absolutely do not respect their
 fine work.  I really love what they do and SkoleLinux is one of the most
 impressive derivatives of Debian, but it just does not (yet) fall under our

Kind regards


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