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Re: The term "Custom Debian Distribution" (Was Re: [custom] The term "flavor" and encouraging work on Debian)

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 16:02, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
> If you apt-get install the subproject-howto you will get something
> talking *only* about creating a custom Debian-distribution -- not
> about creating a subproject for any other sort of work. The folks at
> the BOF saw a real lack of interaction between the people making
> custom distributions and we attributed this, in part, to the fact that
> we didn't have a single concept around which identify and say, "yeah,
> that person is doing the same thing as me, we should work together."
> The flavors people were not working with the metadistros people and
> the subproject people where on their own.

Can you say who the flavors people, the metadistros people and the
subproject people were? I'd like to make contact with all of these to
get more details about their respective projects and their view on this.

> I think we left with the idea that "flavors" or "metadistros" and the
> like may still describe *technologies* or methods which one could use
> to achieve a Custom Distro.
> I think this is in line with what AJ, yourself, and others have said --
> which is nice. :)

Very good indeed. :)

> I think it absolutely should. I also think the HOWTO should be renamed
> or expanded in scope to bring it into alignment with the consensus that
> seems to be coalescing around these issues.

I have contacted Ben Armstrong and proposed that the scope of the HOWTO
be expanded to cover all subprojects -- as the title suggests it should
-- and explain the relationship of the terms "subproject", "Custom
Debian Distribution" and "flavor" as defined in this thread.

I want to collect knowledge and pieces of text from all who have some
experience with subprojects, and work that material into the HOWTO. I
will contact some subproject people shortly to get their input. Any
pointers will be appreciated.

Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net>

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