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Re: [custom] Debian Enterprise - packages

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, John Goerzen wrote:

> > I see it clearly as Debian project and can't find the rationale why
> > you sais that it is _obviousely_ not.
> It's not hosted on Debian machines.  Nobody designated it ats a project.
> It doesn't use our BTS, it doesn't use our mailing lists, etc.  It seems
> they are aiming at having their own separate repository, packages, etc.
Perhaps you noticed that
    a) currently some services of Debian are delayed so there was
       no chance to ask for this stuff since two weeks
    b) Zenaan is not yet a developer and might be unsure how to
       works this out (might need some help?)
    c) For instance there is DeMuDi which is busy to reintegrate
       their backport and thus there is no reason to push back
       people who start outside.

> > Which is a problem for Debian and not for Debian-Enterprise or any other
> > "Custom Debian Distribution".
> That's silly.  If your Custom Debian Distribution is "Fast AlphaLinux",
> and you specifiy OpenOffice -- which doesn't work on that platform --
> it's your problem too.
Please read the relevant threads about the term "Custom Debian Distribution".

> Debian Enterprise will have to support 64-bit platforms, which
> OpenOffice doesn't.
I keep my opinion that it is Debian's problem or more precisely the problem
of the maintainers of a package if not all architectures are supported by
a certain software.  _Debian_ want's to support 11 architectures, so
it is a Debian problem.

Kind regards


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