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Re: [custom] The term "flavor" and encouraging work on Debian

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 01:32, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> > Debian is the super-project.
> >         Debian Enterprise is a Debian Subproject that creates
> >         a Custom Debian Distribution,
> Subproject and custom debian distribution, here, are the same thing. No
> point "officially" having two terms. CDD is a term that I think is
> intended to be a little more expansive than subproject, so I think
> that's more applicable for this "level" of naming...

When the term "Custom Debian Distribution" was chosen, the rationale was
that there is a need to differentiate between subprojects that aim to
create a special version of Debian, and subprojects that do other
things, such as IPV6 or the technical committee.

So, I interpret that as meaning that a subproject is an abstract,
organisational thing (how it manifests itself is another matter) and a
Custom Debian Distribution is the concrete product put together by a

In my view (as I said), it would be logical to name a further
subdivision of that product "flavor".

> Correct depending on your view. But it is also true that Debian
> GNU/Linux is an original, of which Debian Enterprise is a customization
> - and this is the useful distinction in this case.

Ok. Semantics, of course, but that's what's being discussed here. :)
I just think "Custom Debian Distribution" is not a very innovative
phrase, it is too general to instantly give someone an idea of what it's
about, and on top of all, it's quite long.

Compare with "package pool" -- anyone with decent knowledge of the
English language, and who knows what a "package" is, will instantly see
the idea. I think "flavor" fits into the same category.

Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net>

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