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Re: UserLinux white paper

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 04:36:18PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> How many financials implementations are ultimately needed - really only
> one, perhaps customized for vertical markets.

A healthy market requires competition. And different companies have very
different needs. The IT Infrastructure is indeed the only last field where
Enterprises can differ, today.

> This is the Proprietary software model, with artificial, government
> imposed (via copyright laws) monopolies, resulting in customer lock-in
> and price maximization.

I dont see a monopol, at least no government imposed.

> This is not a properly free market economy. The monopolies are
> artificially imposed, not natural.

Well, I dont think it is correct to asume that Free Software can be the
model for all Software Business. Someone has to pay for the work needed,
after all. And somebody has to get payed, which is more important! (Yes I
known, Free is Free as in free speach). Free Software is one possible business
model, as long as it is not priceless. Customer lock-ins are more uncommon with
Free Software (however, even if you have the source code to your FI, you wont
change your software rovider easyly).

> Free Software clearly and evidently redifines *within the current
> (legal, financial) system* the way to a Free Market Economy.

Hmm.. the above sentence looks good, I wonder what it means?

> We will see profits of some ISVs fall, we will see others disappear
> altogether. We will see new organisations take hold in this new free
> market - predominantly services-based organizations.

It does not look that way, if you look on the current market, but I might be wrong.

Looking at the figures of a typical ISV, most of them (unless they manage to
do a large share if OEM business) earn more than 50% of their money by
services. It is already the case, that service is the main focus in the
business. You do not sell software, you solve problems. (You sell solutions,
like Ted put it)

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