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Re: [custom] The term "flavor" and encouraging work on Debian

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Fabian Fagerholm wrote:

> In my view (as I said), it would be logical to name a further
> subdivision of that product "flavor".
I like this interpretation of the term flavor and it would be easily applicable
for Debian-Med to flavors like:

        - Medical practice
        - Medical research
        - Microbiology
        - Dental practice
        - Veterinary medicine
        - ...

> Ok. Semantics, of course, but that's what's being discussed here. :)
> I just think "Custom Debian Distribution" is not a very innovative
> phrase, it is too general to instantly give someone an idea of what it's
> about, and on top of all, it's quite long.
ACK.  That's why other people invented terms like "Fedora".  It just
says nothing and so int can't cause false implications.  It has to be
defined precisely before it is a term to work with.

Kind regards


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