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Re: Source only uploads? -- Survey evaluation

Roland Stigge <stigge@antcom.de> writes:

> Hi Steve,
> >> Unfortunately, there wasn't much response to this. Maybe this is 
> >> related to the big Debian KO.
> > Or maybe because making technical decisions by voting is silly.
> At this stage, I personally decided that more official efforts wouldn't
> be appropriate just to reflect the community's opinion (at least better
> than the preceding discussion) considering that source only uploads were
> enabled and disabled in the past without further notice or discussion
> otherwise.
> Of course, we can take this as a base of further actions.
> Finally, the "decision" isn't just "technical".

Source only uploads were afaik disabled because the uploaded source
would just disapear and never enter the archive afaik. It was just
easier to block them than to fix the archive scripts I guess.


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