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Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distributions

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 02:46, Anthony Towns wrote:
> So, using my definitions, the following conclusions are (IMO) true:
> 	* all flavours are policy compliant
> 	* some derived distros might be policy compliant

Do you mean to include, eg. derived distros including non-free software
here, or should we have a separate term for this?

> 	* you can't always create a flavour to do what you want
> 	* you can always create a derived distro to do what you want
> 	* improving our mechanisms for supporting "flavours" helps derived
> 	  distros and their users
> 	* we can improve our support for "flavours" by co-opting many of the
> 	  techniques pioneered by derived distros
> 	* a derived distro can be an internal Debian project, but won't ever
> 	  be /as/ internal as a flavour
> 	* distributing customised Debian distros is not only the way of the
> 	  future, it's the way of the present!

Awesome summary.

That's great - it covers all bases, and it makes sense to me (as someone
who hasn't used the other terms (internal proj, subproj, metadistro,
etc) in the past. I think it would be useful for this to be added to the
Custom Debian Distro wiki (here I think:

Thanks heaps

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