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Re: Demudi.org

On Mon, 1 Dec 2003, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
>     zh> and debian-multimedia (which  I   am on) was kind  of   moving
>     zh> forward on the implementation.
> I'm not sure what you mean here.
> The original idea I discussed  with Guenter Geiger and Marco Trevisani
> was that debian-multimedia would  be a proper Debian subproject, while
> DeMuDi would  somewhat follow different  routes (for example,  we have
> different packages for Jack, albeit based on the great work by Junichi
> Uekawa and Robert Jordens) and we release with a different timetable
> than Debian proper.

I think I have to clear up some misconceptions here. At the beginning of
this year I stopped packaging for demudi directly, and put all my
packaging effort into making packages for Debian proper.
I did not say that I am launching a Debian multimedia subproject, I just
said I would support whoever wants to do so. (Obviously nobody did yet)
So please stop referring to me as the driving force behind Debian
multimedia, because I just do not have the time nor the motivation,
knowledge or talent for doing that.

I am happy that the debian-multimedia list is what it is. A list for
discussing multimedia applications and its special needs for Debian. If
Demudi can profit from the work we are doing there, then it is good and
what I hoped that it would be.


> One of the  goals was that  Debian Multimedia and AGNULA/DeMuDi  would
> help each other -  we can definitevely  be better on the  AGNULA side.
> I've posted some ITPs whose  packages I still  didn't have the time to
> polish  enough for them  to  enter Debian,  although  I hope that will
> happen shortly.
> If    you  want  further information   on    AGNULA,  please  refer to
> http://www.agnula.org/.
> Any suggestion on  how to cooperate  better is warmly welcome - please
> write directly  to me <andrea.glorioso@agnula.org>  or, better yet, to
> users@lists.agnula.org        for   "generic"   questions    and    to
> developers@lists.agnula.org for  technical questions, proposals and/or
> criticisms.
> bye,
> andrea
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> Andrea Glorioso                        andrea.glorioso@agnula.org
> AGNULA/DeMuDi Techie                       http://www.agnula.org/
> "There's no free expression without control on the tools you use"
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