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Re: Debian Enterprise?

we and a couple of other linux companies are also thinking this way,
and we would like also to support a enterprise debian.

We have the problem that debian has to compete to suse and red hat
enperprise servers which are certified for oracle, etc.

We like the idea in having also a enterprise debian to have a alternative, because we like using debian more that other distributions.

Please inform me if you have any other new regarding this project.

I talked to joey a few weeks ago about an ideas that goes into the same direction:

This is a extract of my conversation with joey:
Hello Joey,
> we and some other linux companies are thinking about some
> things for a while. And now the aquisition of suse make this more actual.
> We and the other companies would like to start a new sub-project
> under the debian project that may be called "business debian"
> or "enterprise debian"
> The aim of this project is to make a homepage (subdomain or subsection
> od the debian homepage) to present case studies and reference projects
> that service companies like us realized.

Please keep me informed

best regards


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