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Re: Debian Enterprise?

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 22:36, Alexander Kitzberger wrote:
> we and a couple of other linux companies are also thinking this way,
> and we would like also to support a enterprise debian.

Great stuff ... we are forming it now. As you probably well know by now,
there's a web page started at:

> We have the problem that debian has to compete to suse and red hat
> enperprise servers which are certified for oracle, etc.

Yes, raising our profile as an Enterprise Operating System I think is
going to be very useful and productive medium to long term (takes a
while to actually do). And so we are starting.

> We like the idea in having also a enterprise debian to have a 
> alternative, because we like using debian more that other distributions.


So do many of us.

> Please inform me if you have any other new regarding this project.

Keep an eye on this list - debian-devel, as a dedicated mailing list is
on its way (hopefully soon). I also subscribe to debian-devel-announce,
which might be useful.

> I talked to joey a few weeks ago about an ideas that goes into the same 
> direction:
> This is a extract of my conversation with joey:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hello Joey,
>  > we and some other linux companies are thinking about some
>  > things for a while. And now the aquisition of suse make this more actual.
>  >
>  > We and the other companies would like to start a new sub-project
>  > under the debian project that may be called "business debian"
>  > or "enterprise debian"
>  >
>  > The aim of this project is to make a homepage (subdomain or subsection
>  > od the debian homepage) to present case studies and reference projects
>  > that service companies like us realized.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Bruce Perens is raising funds for a project that will hopefully directly
relate to debian-enterprise.

Great to have you on board,

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