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Re: PGI anaconda and d-i

>Arash Bijanzadeh wrote:
>> > > > Hi all,
>> > > > I need a graphical installer that could support the i18n and RTL. It

>> > In the context of i18n, Right To Left.
>> Exactly!
>> > A GTK+ 2 based installer would handle this automatically.
>> Yes, but it seems d-i guyes ignored the gtk+ frontend :(
>I don't think so.  Michael Cardenas created a GTK frontend for the
>debian-installer[1].  However, more important is basis work on the
>core installer.  Once it is running sufficiently more power could
>be used to check whether the graphical installer actually works as
>So, the first priority is the text-based installer.
>It would probably help if some people would work on integrating
>the graphical installer in parallel to the core work, though.
>	Joey

Ok, I should probably speak up at this point :-)

I've been working on RTL patches for d-i, and testing the graphical installer.

The patches need some work and testing by people who
speak those languages; they'll be commited to CVS (on a branch) once its open
again, along with some initial translations to Arabic and Farsi.

(The changes include a fribidi lib udeb, and changes to Newt and
cdebconf modules).

There have also been slight changes to the gtk-libdirectfb
 udeb, to fix a FTBFS since dependencies change. However Framebuffer support
is not guaranteed to work on all platforms: there were discussions about moving
to tinyX (sp?) instead.
However I've not gone that far - I'm just testing RTL support

Alastair McKinstry

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