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Re: Some observations regardig the progress towards Debian 3.1

On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 11:23:59PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> I wonder how possible it would be to reduce the dependency complexities
> in a project as large as KDE. Where I used to work, that was something
> that started to bite as at one point - ~500K lines of code, and we did a
> little work to separate out the lowest "lib" layer, but always had
> deadlines to work to, and therefore had difficulty getting management
> approval for restructuring work. KDE is open source/ community though.
> every layer can only depend on layers below
> libs layer is lowest
> rules for threading code got interesting (locking dependencies/
> requirements I think) - I could track this down if someone needs 'em

I think getting rid of the libtool recursive linking might help this
problem as well. As I understand it the libtool maintainer is working on
getting that into the main libtool source.


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