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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Keegan Quinn wrote:

> Have you actually -used- Knoppix?  It's based on Debian, but there's a
> lot of stuff that is not Policy-compliant.  The Knoppix hard-disk
> installer creates a system that bears little resemblance to the base
> system we all know and love.
> I thought much the same as you, before I tried to help a couple of
> people out with their Knoppix installations.  Wishful thinking.

Knoppix is designed as a live CD.  The installer is an after-thought.
The .deb's come from stable to experimental - iirc some even come from
potato.  What is more a number standard deb's have been replaced with
specialised Knoppix packages.  The net result is that when it is installed
onto the HD the system is jammed.  Additional software may not install and
upgrades may break the system.  This does not matter for a live CD though.

The packages on the CD can be modified provided one negociates the rc?.d
hell.  Knoppix uses a particular set of scripts from init.d and the
installed system uses another much larger set.  This larger set has to be
available when changing the package selection when preparing a modified
CD.  The new set then needs to be saved for the HD installation and the
live-CD set reinstated.  Unless this is done properly the system is
fscked.  After chroot'ing, mounting /proc helps considerably.


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