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Re: Debian Roadmap

On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 07:30:53PM +0530, KRISHNAPPA,SREEDHARAMURTHY (HP-India,ex2) wrote:
> Hi,
> We would like to know the roadmap for the Debian distribution, for about a
> year at least (more if possible). We need to plan accordingly for our
> products' certification.
> We would to know what all are supported now and what plans for future
> releases and support platforms etc. 
> I could not see that info kept on your website www.debian.org. All that I
> got is there is one release codenamed as 'sarge' numbered 3.1 will be
> released next but still no dates. So I'm writing to you. 
> I hope you do the needful.

You're asking a loose nit group of some 1000+ volunteers who work
independently to produce a "road map"? That's not very likely. Even if
such a document were produced, it's no guarantee that we'll follow it,
since each item would require someone willing to do the work.

Debian hardly has release goals, and even those goals depend not only on
individual developers with no forcible guidelines, they depend on
outside groups like Xfree86, GCC, GNU/Libc, and the kernel developers.
There's just no way to put down what will be done.

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