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make-kpkg question

I'm building kernels for an embedded x86 product, and I'm falling in
love with make-kpkg. My only problem is that 
make-kpkg --added-modules pcmcia-cs kernel_image modules_image 
doesn't do a depmod on the pcmcia-cs modules against the built kernel. I
assume others have not run into this problem as default debian startup
scripts do a depmod on the system...however, in an embedded product,
every second that can be spared is needed. My goal is to just have
make-kpkg build up images that can be just installed on a separate
file-system (Compact Flash in my case) without any other work..

Am i just missing something here, or is this truley just a 'feature
request' bug that should be submitted to the maintainers of make-kpkg? 

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