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Re: First pass all buildds before entering unstable

Andreas Tille wrote:

just an idea from a completely uneducated person regarding buildd:

   What about if each freshly uploaded package which contains architecture any
   packages would enter kind of a staging area first and buildds grab these
   files from there.  After each buildd was able to build a package the whole
   set with all architectures enters unstable at once.

Nooooo!!! it would delay to much the entry of some important packages in unstable. It would maybe improve some architectures, but definitely would reduce extensive testing of newer versions.

Unstable IMHO should be more near to upstream-side as possible, to improve GNU/Linux at whole, not only the Debian distributions.

BTW: How many developers have access and know how to test packages in
*all* other architectures? So it would be more pressure on developers with architectures specific knowelenge.


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