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Re: Programming first steps.

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 08:45:51PM +0800, David Palmer wrote:
> I thought that I might make a beginning at learning.  I've searched
> the web, found information that goes beyond the definition of
> plethora, so I thought that I'd ask here.

C is useful, stable, has a huge following.  C++ is useful, changing, and
has a huge following.  You will most likely find people who know C than
C++, and you will often find C++ programmers who write mostly C style
code within C++.

Perl and Python have different histories.  Perl was an evolutionary
language whose origin was to replace sed and awk.  Python was written as
a full-fledged programming language and benefits from this consistency.
(Can you tell which one I prefer?)  Perl has its usefulness, but I often
hear of complaints over maintability when it is use in large projects.
You won't find that in Python.

> I've already decided to use Vim, steep learning curve apparently, but
> comprehensive functionality when you get there. Also extended
> capability with lots of plugins.

Good choice.  Can't go wrong with learning vi and vim.

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