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Programming first steps.


I thought that I might make a beginning at learning.
I've searched the web, found information that goes beyond the definition
of plethora, so I thought that I'd ask here.

(1) What is the best language to start with?
Some say C. Others say C++.
Some say learn C, then go on to C++.
Others say go straight to C++, if you learn C first, it's too confusing,
you've got to unlearn too much when you go to C++, so you're better off
starting with it in the first place.
(2) Perl or Python. This seems to be another divided camp.
What are the capabilities of each? What are the applications of each?

I've already decided to use Vim, steep learning curve apparently, but
comprehensive functionality when you get there. Also extended capability
with lots of plugins.
Thanks for any input.


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