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Re: ftpmaster accepts packages that have been rejected a few days ago

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003 03:24, Luca - De Whiskey's - De Vitis <luca@debian.org> 
> > 	A da-manager list would be a very bad idea. We do not want
> > people's rejection from Debian to be archived in a public list which
> > anyone can see. Imagine if searching for your name in google had "Luca
> > De Vitis is unsuitable to join debian due to ..." as its first hit?
> Why not: this would discourage people who try to join Debian without real
> motivation.

I think that we have more of a problem of people being afraid to contribute 
because of the fear of undue criticism or rejection than we have of unworthy 
people joining.

The number of people who have been rejected is small.  The number of people 
who are good coders who could contribute to Debian if they chose is much 

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