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Re: sarge release

martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> writes:

> I apologise if this is covered elsewhere, I am currently totally
> swamped and can't afford too much time for Debian.
> I am going to be away from my machine(s) starting 22 Nov until the
> middle of December. I currently have 1 RC bug and several other bugs
> against my packages. If sarge's release will happen in 2003, I will
> bite the bullet and fix these bugs over the next couple of days.
> However, if sarge's release is delayed till 2004, I would be a lot
> saner if I didn't have to worry about Debian right now.
> What's the status?

Er, I think any RC bug in a package should be fixed ASAP, regardless of
the release schedule.

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