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Bug#220468: RFA: sourceforge -- Integrated development project framework

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I would like to deprecate sourceforge in favour of gforge.  I believe
gforge is ready to enter sarge (and it should have done so long ago
were it not for problems in quite a lot of software depended upon).
Gforge is an evolution of the free code that is sourceforge, it's much
better maintained (both upstream and Debian-wise), it has far fewer
bugs, lots of new features (including a plug-in system), and there's a
smooth upgrade path from sourceforge.  And it has diverged quite a lot
from sourceforge, which makes backporting fixes harder and harder as
time passes.

  If anyone is interested in adopting sourceforge, please step forward
(and be warned that it's not necessarily an easy package to maintain).
Otherwise, I'll probably orphan it and/or request its removal in some
near future.


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