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Re: ftpmaster accepts packages that have been rejected a few days ago

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Marc Haber <mh+debian-devel@zugschlus.de> wrote:
> James Troup. He was unusually polite, but the mail exchange ended with
> him announcing that "Well, sorry, but I'm personally not
> prepared to add (overrides for) a package to unstable with nothing but
> an 8k binary and a 1k manpage."

> This is not the first time that I have had a package rejected for
> being "too small", giving myself the impression that my work is not
> appreciated by Debian. Maybe I don't add enough bloat to my packages?

Maybe you split too much? ;-)

> Bringing the linux-atm source package into a state that allows
> building br2684ctl locally why not automatically building it was
> another half day of fighting with automake.

> Well, to make things short, the people who asked me to include
> br2684ctl with linux-atm have prepared their own package - of course
> still only consisting of an 8k binary and a 1k manpage and uploaded to
> unstable. This time, the package was promptly ACCEPTed in a matter of
> days
> (http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-changes/2003/debian-devel-changes-200311/msg00760.html).

> Even if this is not a personal issue of Mr. Troup towards me, having
> ftpmaster behave like A today and like B tomorrow is a bad thing. If I
> had a chance of knowing beforehand if a package uploaded will be
> handled by Mr. Troup or somebody else, there would be a chance of
> being handled fairly, but if the ftpmasters obviously don't
> communicate with each other, and if there won't be a method of getting
> ftpmaster's opionion about a new package before any more time is
> wasted, maintainers will continue to be chased away, which is a loss
> for Debian.

As you were asking for opinions: I do think it is ok for ftpmaster to
reject the package, imho the rationale for the split "to distinguish
between unreleased development software and released software
versions." is a little bit weak.

However the inconsistency that another member of the ftp-master team
accepted an identical package later is a really bad thing.
       cu andreas, who does not want you to stop your Debian work for
       evident reasons.
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