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Re: possible compromise for ITP: linux?

Andrew Suffield schrieb:
> He doesn't need to, he can be slapped down.

"Keine Gewalt!" ("No violence!")

> We don't ignore minor issues just because there are major ones.

So let's hope Robert can cope with minor issues 
and only talk about the big ones for now.

>  - this packages adds nothing, and would occupy a fair chunk of space
>    in the archive. 

I don't know how short Debian is of space.
How large would Robert's packages be?
There already are several packages with complete 
kernel sources which take as much place as his package 
would, right?
So is this really too large to let him test his idea?

>  - this package cannot be safely upgraded (without forcing a reboot).
> The latter prohibits it from being in a Debian release. 

So it doesn't stop it from entering experimental.
But I'm not sure if a package is worth a try if
it cannot possibly make it in a release.


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