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Re: possible compromise for ITP: linux?

Eike Sauer <eikes@cs.tu-berlin.de> wrote:
> Andrew Suffield schrieb:
>>  - this packages adds nothing, and would occupy a fair chunk of space
>>    in the archive. 

> I don't know how short Debian is of space.
> How large would Robert's packages be?

~30MB for linux_2.4.22.orig.tar.gz and a single Kernel-Image is ~9MB on
i386. Multiply the latter by the number of supported architectures.

> There already are several packages with complete 
> kernel sources which take as much place as his package 
> would, right?

Robert does not propose to remove the existing kernel-source packages
therefore the calculation is simple - more than 100MB required space
in exchange for ...?
           cu andreas

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