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Re: Why you are wrong [Was: On linux kernel packaging issue]

On Monday 10 November 2003 19:54, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> Sometimes it even causes programs to stop functioning entirely
> (athlon and p4, gcc 3.0.0 until sometime in 3.1.x).

Especially on other architechtures (like arm) that have seen some horrific 
bugs creep into gcc to do with certain optimisations. There hasnt even been a 
good pipeline optimisation scheme until very recently in gcc, so any piplined 
architechture (read pretty much all) is even harder to work out wheter some 
cpu specific optimisation is _good_. Do people even understand how difficult 
it is to write an optimising compiler (and prove some optimisation actually 
works) for a complex architecture like the P4 or a modern powerPC chip?

Im getting sick of these arguments too and have to agree with Andrew on this 
one, this is getting old and boring and being argues by too many people who 
simply dont understand how modern processors and compilers work.


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