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Re: Inittab runlevel problem

In article <[🔎] 20031110173858.GA1565@home.ydal.de>,
Tobias Wolter  <towo@ydal.de> wrote:
>On 2003-11-10T17:28:10+0100 (Monday), François TOURDE wrote:
>> Runlevels are distro dependants. Debian default is 2. Red Hat, for
>> example is 2->text login, 3->[x|g|?]dm graphic login.
>I had to retrofit my runlevels with the LSB-proposed run level usage.
>*: Are there any plans to migrate to LSB runlevels? Should be fairly
>easy to accomplish by a small adjustion to the rulefiles..
>Though that "small adjustion" would have to be done with, oh, about
>every third package, I guess. *coughs*

Well, please have a look at

If we're going to do that, an override file that says which
services have to run in what runlevel could be added as well.


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