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Re: problems with dpkg, apt, perl etc. ( wait/waitpid)

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 09:56:04AM +0200, Cristian Rauta wrote:

> I know, maybe -devel is inappropriate list for my problems, but i don`t
> know another list for that. 
> I think that problem was some time ago with woody  ( see bug # 206187)
> btw my debian version is sid 

Yes, see bug #206187, where I asked you yet again to provide some details
about this problem, and you ignored my request.  I originally asked you in
#199653, and instead of responding, you filed a duplicate bug report 

I will ask again for the following information:

- your login shell (getent passwd `whoami`)
- how you log in (console, ssh, xdm, gdm, etc.)
- what terminal program you use (gnome-terminal, xterm, rxvt, etc.)
- the output from this command: perl -w -e ""

 - mdz

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